About Us

Robin O's

Robin O’s is a veteran owned Motorcycle/ATV Service

Shop, a new and upcoming pitstop located in the heart of

Paris, Tennessee home of the World’s Largest Fish Fry.

All bikers are welcome at Robin O’s.

Founded, owned and operated by the Boudrie family,

Robin O’s has finally become the realization of a long

over-due dream of a father - son team. The enjoyment

of all aspects of motorcycles (2,3 and some 4 wheels) and

the riding community is the foundation of the dream

behind the creation of Robin O’s. After a lot of planning,

preparing and hard work Robin O’s is now an open,

welcoming business where father and son can share their

knowledge and experience encouraging and assisting

riders to keep riding and having fun on whatever make, 

model or year of bike they ride.

Our Family

Robin O. Sr AKA “The Old Wise Man.” And Robin O. Jr have a love and in-depth base of knowledge of 2, 3 and 4 wheeled vehicles that would span almost 80 years if combined, making them a skilled duo that inspires confidence in their customer base. A place where all will be treated fairly and with respect.

To assist the Robin O’s Duo with the achievement and continued growth and success of their dream is Robin O. Sr’s wife of 43 years, Teresa and their daughters Skye and Storm.

Robin O Sr.

Robin O. Sr started riding motorcycles so long ago it was in a “Land Before Time!”

Actually, it was when he turned 15 years old, and his father bought him a Honda 55. This is when his love of all things motorcycle began. He learned to ride a motorcycle before he learned to drive a car.

Robin O’s next motorcycle was a Yamaha 125 Street Bike but on the third go-around he got his first Harley Davidson, a 1957 Sportster. With this bike he would be introduced to the concept of customization. He did fully customize the Sportster from end to end then made a trade for a 1950 Pan Head FL built by Columbus Customs in Columbus, Ohio.

While in the Navy Robin O bought a 1974 HD FXE Super Glide. He was known to repurpose his dining room as a place to break this bike down and rebuild it from the bottom up.

In 1980 Robin O bought his first ‘brand new – straight off the show room floor’ bike, an FLT Tour Glide. But, in 2005 he got a 2002 Harley Davidson Springer Softail which the family aptly named and continues to fondly call “The Purple Smoothie.” The Smoothie is still owned by Robin O today.

Then when BOSS HOSS was having yearly Rallies at Paris Landing Tennessee and were letting people take them for test rides – Oh Yeah! A Game Changer! The Robin O’s were in love! The comment was made that they felt like their own bikes had “shrunk.”

Finally, in 2013 Robin O Sr became the proud owner of a 2001 Hot-Cammed ZZ4 BOSS HOSS Trike which he continues to ride and enjoy to this day.

Robin O Sr joined the United States NAVY when he was 19 years old. He served as an ‘Electrician’s Mate” (EM)on board the USS Saratoga from 1972 to 1976. Then during the Gulf War/ Dessert Storm he returned to the NAVY, this time to serve with a Construction Battalion (Sea Bees) as an Electrician (CBE) for 2 years.

Robin O Jr

Robin O. Jr’s motorcycle journey began when he was a

young kid growing up near a small town in Michigan. He

rode Honda 3-wheelers, mini-bikes and go-carts among

other things. His first street legal bike was a 2004 Harley Davidson Sportster 883.

While serving in the Military he bought a 2007 Harley

Davidson Screaming Eagle Springer Softail (CVO). He

was on deployment when this bike arrived for pickup from

the Harley Shop, so his father Robin O. Sr was the first

one to ride his bike. Once home and parked it waited for

Robin O. Jr’s safe return and is still owned and rode by him today.

In 2017 Robin O. Jr became the proud owner of a 2001

Hot-Cammed ZZ4 BOSS HOSS (2 wheeled) bike. He

customized, lowered, and repainted it then decided to

trade it in for his current BOSS HOSS, a 2014 Hot-Cammed LS3 Trike. He enjoys riding and having his trike on display at Robin O’s.

Robin O. Jr joined the US Army when he was 17 years old

and turned 18 while in boot camp. He held many job titles

with various occupations all related to becoming a Cyber

Engineer/Cyber Network Defender (25D). Post Military he

has worked for the Missile Defense Agency (MDA). He is

currently with the US Army Combat Capabilities

Development Command (US-DEVCOM)